products8It is about time to start the yard sale season. I know I am ready for them.  I can use a de-cluttering of my store.  I also could use a fatter bottom line as well.

I try to start at least a month or two away from the sale. Sorting items out by sale ,keep, donate , and throw away.  I then place my items in storage bins that I recycle each year.  Initially the cost of the bins is pricey but have used the same ones for 5 years now.

I advertise online and in the local newspapers.  I still find a lot of people that do not use the internet to look for sales.  Be specific on the items you have at your sale so you don’t waste peoples time coming for a certain item that you do not have. Also you will then get the person that is looking for that item that you may have.

Check your local ordinances in where and when you can hang street signs.  Keep the content on your sign simple. DATE-TIME-PLACE….that’s it! Now after you attach your sign, you then can place your arrow on it so it is facing in the right direction.  Use a bright color poster board to draw their eyes to it as well.  Please take down your signs as well when your sale is over.

The best way and quickest to setting up your sale is by price point instead of pricing each individual item. Color coordinated stickers are great.  Blue is 50 cents green is $1.00 etc…. Also when putting on your stickers try not to damage items for the customer. It certainly makes a difference in antiques and collectables.  Strategically place large items to be seen by drivers staying in their cars. It lures people in that haven’t seen a sign or saw your ads.  If an item ISNT for sale label it as such or cover it up with a blanket.   Make sure with the cheap items you have enough change and small bills to give change for that 50cent sale from a $20.00 bill.  Wear a fanny pack/ apron to keep your money in.  You will be walking around and answering questions. Don’t loose a sale because you have to go to your cash box.   Also it deters theft of an unmanned money box.   ACCEPT CASH ONLY.  Get a counterfeit pen as it stops counterfeit bills and  no checks to stop NSF funds in checking accounts. Learn how to negotiate your prices with humor and fun.  Listen to each offer, counter offer, or don’t accept at all but do it with style.

Start times and the days you hold your sale are up to you.  I find Fridays & Saturdays work out best for me.  Also if bad weather keeps people from coming out I also keep the following weekend opened for an emergency follow up sale.  I also drastically reduce prices on the second event. That is if you really want the items gone. If it is solely for the money then negotiate. Early bird shoppers are welcomed. I do keep my prices firm with the early bird shoppers since they are shopping at an advantage from the regular shoppers. If they show up when I am setting up I am happy to have them

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