antique tinsIt’s Wednesday already.  I want to share some Spring cleaning and Spring sprucing up ideas for you to bring the much needed freshness to a very LONG & COLD winter season.  Let’s break free with these ideas.!!!!!

1. Vintage baskets…..Who doesn’t love those?  Add them to a shelving unit and get crazy with the infinite possibilities as to what you put in them.

2. I love open individual shelves on the wall. You can place old jars and vintage teapots and old kitchen scales to give your kitchen the cottage look.

3. I LOVE old TINS….When you place a lot together it makes a bold statement. I love a large collection with the same family types together. The rustier and more chipped  the better I love em….

4. Old suitcases and typewriters together in the den. With tons of old books and old adding machines…OMG!  Don’t you just love it!!!!!

5. I was in a shop not too long ago and they took many mismatched mirrors and whitewashed them.  They had them arranged any which way all over the whole wall. I fell in love instantly.

6. They also did the same on a very small odd wall with vintage plates. The one of a kinds you collect and just discard.  They were various sizes and colors was Boho chic….

7. Again with the vintage suitcases.  Stack them and make a side table along with Globes in the Den or Office. Then put vintage old books tied together with a belt.  Well AWESOME!!!!!

8.  Funky junk!!!!! Washboards and old sewing machines…(without the base). With old spindles and wooden bobbins.  An old cast iron  and old vintage postcards is one of my favorites.

9. The unexpected elegance look.  I love when I just throw things together for a Victorian look.  I love old clocks (wind up ones) placed with small pottery and crocks.  Also with small old crates…

10. My goodness what can we do with old bottles…EVERYTHING!!!!!  From flowers to buttons to coins…Fill them to your hearts content.

Everything goes together in my view.  I love mixed and unmatched things. Using vibrant colors and accenting with color makes everything pop.  I hope you all liked these suggestions, now could you please share some of your favorite looks and ideas with us?       LIVE LAUGH LOVE……Lauren…<3




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