Here are 10 great reasons to shop local, eat local, and go local.  By choosing local independent business you will have a more personal experience.  I love the casual encounters from my customers and building relationships. It promotes what is most important to me COMMUNITY COHESIVENESS.

  1. Independent businesses help give our community its distinct personality. Our customer’s are the ultimate in  social networking.  Don’t you agree?
  2. You have hands on the merchandise you are wanting to buy.  If you wear it, try it on, if it is merchandise then try it out—–get the real experience—it can save you time and money.
  3. Strengthen the local economy.  For every dollar spent it returns to the community times “3” than the same dollar being spent online or at the large box stores.  This is a benefit we can all “BANK” on.
  4. Create a healthier environment.  Small businesses are people sized.  Our businesses are small in size and more times than not we buy/represent many items we sale from local suppliers, crafters, and farms. Being local you don’t have to travel far causing less air pollution and there is much less traffic in the small towns than big cities.
  5. The small businesses get to enhance your shopping choices. We create better and more unique choices for you to select from than the box stores. One of a kind and specifically made for you..
  6. On a weekly basis I have local organizations coming in for donations or to advertise their event. We try to support each and everyone in a small way to help enhance our local art community and non-profit organizations.  Small business donates almost twice as much to the local community as the big box stores do.
  7. Small businesses shopping local adds to the economy as well. I shop at printers, restaurants, accountants, farmers market, attorneys, and other local businesses.
  8. We employee more per dollar than large businesses. We create jobs.
  9. With a small business comes developing roots in our community.  So many local businesses are involved in key developmental decisions on various committees that benefit us all.  We get to shape the lives of our residents and our environment.
  10. Shopping local promotes a healthy lifestyle. It promotes vitality and vigor.  It gives us all a reason to work hard everyday to achieve what each one of the small business owners works for.

In closing all I am asking is to “TRY IT LOCAL, and BUY IT LOCAL” If you “SEE IT HERE, & BUY IT HERE, YOU KEEP US HERE.”  Thank you everyone that has given the small businesses a chance at promoting the “SHOP LOCAL, BUY LOCAL” experience…<3

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