~~~~~Estate Sales~~~~~Do’s and Dont’s~~~~~~~

#Antique #SewingMachine #Restoration from @RuffCreekCraftslove to go to estate sales. But unfortunately they are held because someone has passed away or is planning a big move.   When I purchase items at a sale I smile knowing that their treasures will get new life and be carried on to make new memories for others. I want to give you some tips on what to do and to look for when attending one.  No matter for whichever reason, the same tips do apply.

  1. Go the very first day and make a game plan. If something is too high go back the last day, to see if there is wiggle room on the price.
  2. Go early.  Try to be in the first group. If looking for that one of a kind or specific item.
  3. Don’t take a huge purse or book bag. It is crowded. Bumping into others or into items can make for a lot of excuse me or pardon me. Also you could damage something  then you are responsible to pay for it.
  4. Don’t be offended if in a large sale you are asked to show receipt for purchases you made. Security at those can be pretty diligent at times. They are just trying to protect their investment.
  5. You can ask if they will take a lower price (HAGGLE) but they typically wont until later in the sale, if more than a one day sale event.  Best time to go for additional savings is last hour of the last day.
  6. Find out before going what are the acceptable payment forms.  Most all of the private ones take cash only. If they do accept a credit card you will probably pay a buyers premium upon using the card.
  7. Find out what the picking up arrangements of furniture or large items are before you start or pay for large items.  Usually they say next day or will make private one on one arrangements with you.
  8. Bring along a buddy if you are gona need help loading your items. They usually never have someone to help you load your stuff. They don’t want to be held responsible for any damage to items or vehicles as they are being loaded.
  9. Fabric pieces or upholstered items can be purchased but make sure they can be refurbished or reupholstered.  If it has a bad smell you probably cant get that out.
  10. Wander all through the house. I go for attics and basements first.  They hold most of the older treasures. With estate sales you have so much stuff it is usually scattered everywhere about at the location.
  11. Ask about fixed items. Doors, windows, building salvage and fixtures. Ask about the appliances, gardening items, and plants. Some can go for very cheap…
  12. My favorite hiding places for goodies are the garage, the out buildings and the storage sheds.  They usually hold forgotten treasures from days gone by.
  13. When making a high dollar purchase take the time to CHECK IT OUT COMPLETELY. There is no returning anything since all sales will be final. They are moving or liquidating so they wont take it back.
  14. If a professional company is doing the sale check out their credentials. DO your homework on the company.
  15. Last but not least. Check out the pictures of the advertising before you go. You can then research your antiques to make reasonable offers and also to not get over charged for items as well.

Take it from me,  wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If not in a hurry it can take awhile to go through the sale. Also bring something to drink.  Make a bathroom stop before going as well.  Then get to finding the best deals you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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