Customer Service Supreme

wintr overflowFor any business person serious about “making it” as a brick and mortar store, your number one asset is realizing that great customer service is the best advertising you can do for your store.  It isn’t about the customer being always right but to treat your customer like family.  This can only happen if you truly go out of your way for them.  If you deliver sincere  customer service “no smoking mirrors” you all but guarantee your own success. This all starts by having the customers best interest at heart.  With customers having so many different choices with who to do business with, you need to set yourself apart from the rest.

The way we treat the customers is indicative of the way we look at things in life.  Its not just for all the obvious fiscal reasons.  For me it goes far beyond that. It digs into the  very reason of who we are  and why we do what we do. It is hard enough finding new customers so I will do whatever it takes to ensure they are happy and continue doing business with me. It is very hard to find new customers and having my happy customer base makes it much easier for me to run my business. It reduces many problems that arise from poor service. I want my customers to come back any chance the moment arises. In a small town people are more likely to ask a friend about a business than to read advertisements or online reviews. Word of mouth is the best and cheapest advertising there is…

Taking care of my customers shows my strong belief in good morals.  Although profits do drive any successful business there are some things that are greater here.  I want to build something of value, to help others, and to somehow change my little part of the world for the better.  My goal is to make the 10 year club. To stay opened and to succeed at Ruff Creek Crafts & Antiques.  I don’t want to cut short reaching this goal. I will do everything I can to take care of the CORE of all business——CUSTOMERS… Cause really with out them, you have no business at all.

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