crochetThe other day as I made ANOTHER trip to get craft supplies my daughter asked me why I craft so much.  What do I get out of making things, creating things, and selling my crafts…Well this is why dear daughter..

Let’s start with the process of crafting from start to finish.  First it all begins with an idea, a thought,to go through the thinking process from start to finish in my mind. Then it goes on paper.  The idea, the supplies needed and of course the pattern. That is the boring part of it all.  I LOVE when someone comes  into my store at Ruff Creek Crafts & Antiques and says how nice an item is and I get to say I made it/crafted it.  It is pride..  Acknowledging the hard work and time that it takes to make a wonderful item and me getting to feel so good that I did that. ME!!!!

Getting to see the smiles and joy in peoples faces is a wonderful feeling. So much of our lives are busy busy and rush rush.  Meetings here and there, deadlines and projections are around us everyday.  There is something about being a crafting jack of all trades that is pretty cool.  I am not a specialist but I daubble in it all and love my little imperfections that make each of my crafts unique.  I know everyone of you can walk into the big box store and buy things probably cheaper than a crafter can make them but they will never have the love and care that I can put into them.

I love having painting parties or talking about crafts and workshops.  Spending time with friends and fellow crafters is so much fun. I love spending time with people that I don’t normally get to see and getting educated with each and every new project.  I love talking about crocheting, woodworking, painting, and fabrics along with drinking a nice glass of wine. Conversations lead in any path and new friendships and bonds are made. Best reason of all for ….WHY I CRAFT…..!!!!!

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