When is this crazy winter season going to end.  I know I know March 20th is the day that Spring begins but I feel we still need to combat the wintery blues.  Who doesn’t struggle with the shorter days, longer nights, and the colder weather. BRRRRRR!!!!  Chances are you woke up a few times and just wanted to stay snuggled in your warm bed.  Don’t let the winter chill get to you!!Here are some ideas I have gathered from asking my customers, “How do you beat the wintertime blues .”  Here’s what they came up with…

  1. I like to light candles in my house
  2. I surround myself with colorful things to beat the dearyness.
  3. I bundle-up and force myself to take a walk and embrace the cold.  Not for me. LOL
  4. Take up a craft. ex. Knitting or crocheting
  5. Take pictures of nature. I have noticed many photos online as of late and those beautiful landscape pictures make me appreciate our area even more.
  6. Treat yourself new a new scarf and pair of gloves. I like that one. Yup!!
  7. Reorganize the house. After Christmas and before they spring clean. Um….NO!!!
  8. Go to a winter festival or winter market.
  9. Drinking a really good hot beverage.  You choose….LOL
  10. I know a lot of people doing this one….BINGE watch a favorite show. This year was Longmire…..
  11. Light a fire in the fireplace….OH YEA!!!
  12. With the fire comes reading a good book or magazine…Also favorite woobie (blanket) is a must…
  13. I have to admit I have never done this but take up a yoga class…We have those in Waynesburg…
  14. My favorite…Experiment with cooking. Try new recipes…
  15. Hang out with a group of friends. We went to a fund raiser over the weekend and had a super blast.
  16. I do this year round but put on those headphones and crank up the volume.  I love music. All genres….
  17. Fill your home and office with flowers. The smell alone makes me feel better.
  18. Hang out more with your pet. They are cold and depressed from the winter as well
  19. I never thought of this but create an indoor garden.
  20. Last but not least GO SHOPPING!!!!!

If you still feel the blues after trying some of these suggestions, please reach out to someone. Try not to be alone too much and talk to a friend. Whatever you do don’t isolate yourself.   Ok everyone now GET OUT , enjoy the beauty, pexels-photo-907284.jpeg and take in the miracles around us…

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