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Here are 10 great reasons to shop local, eat local, and go local.  By choosing local independent business you will have a more personal experience.  I love the casual encounters from my customers and building relationships. It promotes what is most important to me COMMUNITY COHESIVENESS. Independent businesses help give our community its distinct personality. […]


Hi everyone.  Lauren here from Ruff Creek Crafts & Antiques, we transform and refinish items every week here at the store.  I studied interior decorating and have always had a passion for beautiful woods and well made furniture.  During that time (30 years) I fell in love with refinishing furniture and restoring/painting pieces .  I […]

Customer Service Supreme

For any business person serious about “making it” as a brick and mortar store, your number one asset is realizing that great customer service is the best advertising you can do for your store.  It isn’t about the customer being always right but to treat your customer like family.  This can only happen if you […]